ServicesOur set of business objectives lead us to compete in an international market with our distinct strategies and professional output.

  • To carry on certain business opportunities comprises of editing and composing, for video, television, commercial and serial, virtual sets for television, films, music videos, motion graphics, movie titles composing and digital effects for films.
  • To carry on business of pre-production visualization, storyboarding designs, develop characters, set designs, environments, backdrop and research for firm and television production and to carry on 2d, 3d, 4d modeling, animation, for visual effects for feature film production, commercial, broadcast television, music video, virtual sets for television and films, music video, motion graphics, movie titles, composing and digital effects for the films and television serials.
  • To carry on professional training services on multimedia, 4d/3d/2d computer graphics, animation, editing, composing, development, placement, web applications, to rent out studio services for editing, composing, transfer of data from one format to another video, film recording, and scanning.
  • To carry on the business of manufacture, maintain, export, import, buy, sell, rent, hire or lease or otherwise acquire, dispose of, develop or deal with all kinds of digital systems, communications systems, business machines, computers, computer software, computer hardware, computer technology and computer peripherals.