Our Work

Project: CG Panchatantram

Client: ETV PVT. LTD, RamojiFilmcity

CG Panchatantram is a project from the great legend, Indian famous puppeteer Mr. Sanjit Gosh. His perception in creating a unique puppet character stories with the CG. Our breaking new characters design to the final model, textured and rigged characters, Animation to final out put made a Panchatantram series a path breaking. An extreme support from the ETV PVT. LTD, RamojiFilmcity helps us in the execution of a project in expected time frame.

Project: Case Management (E- Learning)

Client: ST Professionals (U.S.A)

Case Management Study is the only word was proposed by our dear client ST Professionals. Our team made an in-depth background research regarding the project from story boarding to final outcome. Our stunning concept with enticing 2D animation excited our viewers.

Project: TACTUS Charging Cable (commercial)

Client: TACTUS

Instead, being a new product into the market, defining the product brand to the audience is a challenging task to us. We encrypted our vision in one minute video pleases our users. We transformed storyline into fun based animation video, our client elated with our skills and commitment.